Good Samaritan Society for Development and Rehabilitation

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Vision and Mission


The Good Samaritan Society’s vision is to create a community where all brick kiln workers in Sheikhupura, Pakistan, are treated with dignity and respect and have the opportunity to live a full and flourishing life.
We believe that this vision is rooted in the biblical principle of loving our neighbours as ourselves. Jesus taught us that we are all children of God and that we should treat each other with compassion and kindness. He also taught us that we should stand up for the rights of the oppressed and marginalized.

We think that the most disadvantaged and oppressed members of the community in Sheikhupura, Pakistan, are the workers at the brick kilns. They frequently have to put in a lot of overtime in hazardous settings for meagre pay. Furthermore, they frequently lack access to fundamental human rights like healthcare and education.

The mission of the Good Samaritan Society is to assist brick kiln workers in enhancing their quality of life and building a more just and equitable society. We accomplish this by giving people access to healthcare, education, and other necessities. In addition, we strive to raise awareness of their predicament and to fight for their rights.

The Good Samaritan Society believes that the Good News of Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer to the problems faced by brick kiln workers and their families. The Good Samaritan Society seeks to transform and give people hope by showing them the love of Jesus Christ.

We consider the biblical concept of love to be the foundation of our activity. Because they are God’s children and our neighbors, brick kiln workers are loved by us. Our desire is for children to lead fulfilling lives, and we think that God’s love has the capacity to make this possible.


  1. To establish a prosperous society by providing marginalized and underprivileged communities with required educational facilities and to create opportunities for their sustainable development and self-reliance through skill development services and livelihood training programs with participatory approaches.
  2. By providing legal aid services to persecuted people and victims of injustice in society.
  3. The Good Samaritan Society shows compassion to those in need, regardless of their background or circumstances.
  4. The Good Samaritan Society serves others with humility and dedication.