Good Samaritan Society for Development and Rehabilitation

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Future Goals and Targets

Future Goals and Targets

  • The most important goal of the society is to establish proper skill development centers in the residential areas of marginalized and underserved communities on permanent basis. Where unskilled people can be trained through skill development courses and different livelihood trainings.
  • To provide financial support to skilled and trained people for establishing their businesses through micro finance services for their sustainable development.
  • To conduct lobbing meetings with governments officials and parliamentarians for giving them suggestions upon comprehensive legislation to overcome the human rights violations and persecutions in the society.
  • To create a welcoming and inclusive community where people can gather to worship God, learn about the Bible, and build relationships with other believers.

  • To provide opportunities for people to grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with God.

  • To encourage people to share their faith with others and serve their community in the name of Jesus Christ.