Good Samaritan Society for Development and Rehabilitation

24 Hours



The Good Samaritan Society is a nonprofit organization that helps those in need by offering social services and humanitarian aid. Where we work, in Sheikhupura, Pakistan, we have a significant impact.

Their volunteer program is one of their biggest initiatives. More than fifty volunteers with the Good Samaritan Society are always willing to lend a hand when needed.

They work in a variety of areas, including:
1. Education: In Sheikhupura’s brick kiln neighborhoods, the Good Samaritan Society offers adult and child learner’s educational opportunities.
2. Healthcare: Residents in the brick kiln areas can receive basic medical care from the Good Samaritan Society. People can visit their clinic for medical examinations, treatments, and prescription drugs.
3. Community development: The goal of the Good Samaritan Society is to raise the standard of living for residents living near brick kilns. They support neighborhood-based organizations, construct homes and schools, and give people access to clean water and sanitary facilities.
4. Encouraging good sanitation and hygiene.
5. Supplying food and clean water.
6. Our volunteers fought tooth and nail for the rights of families and employees of brick kilns.

The lives of those living near brick kilns in Sheikhupura are being significantly improved by the Good Samaritan Society’s efforts. Their volunteers have a strong desire to serve others. I am incredibly appreciative of what they do for people.